Joshua Koch

Dublin, OH (USA)

EcoChem Alternative Fuels

Location: Dublin
Industry: Energy
Year Founded: 2007
Number Employees: 1-10 people
Business Stage: Growth (profitable)
Entity Type: Limited Liability Company
Description: EcoChem Alternative Fuels provides the global commercial energy market with a first-of-its-kind clean diesel product. Our innovative fuel provides what consumers, corporate and civic leaders desire in a 21st century energy source – a clean, efficient fuel that is competitive in current markets using existing distribution systems. EAF is proud to introduce the first brand of high performance clean fuel – No. 2 High Performance Clean Diesel (No. 2 HPCD ) – to the global commercial energy market. Through its proprietary fuel refining and purification process, EAF offers an enriched diesel fuel with superior qualities to ULSD. Through its Compact Refinery Units (CRUs), EAF refines No.2 ULSD at the point of distribution just prior to consumer delivery, eliminating the need for any additives or retrofits with absolutely no change in consumer habits. No.2 HPCD will add approximately $0.15 onto the cost of diesel result in average fuel reductions of approximately 10% - 20% therefore: average savings in consumption is 5%-15% after cost. Additional benefits such as reduced emission and maintenance cycles are not equated in this example. EAF is the first corporation to market high performance green fuels at the distribution level in an estimated $200 billion multi-industry energy sector in the U.S. This untapped niche creates a financial pipeline for a consumable product that has significant domestic and global demand. The EAF executive team has more than 100 years of industry experience in the energy market totaling in excess of $1 billion in both the private and government sectors. Our team has a deep network of resources and contacts along with political and environmental advocacies aligning us with significant support for our campaign to promote a cleaner fuel. We have started with the ground-up approach with the Central Ohio’s Farmers Co-op (COFC) and Co-op member Marion Oil as the first distributors of HPCD No.2. COFC has 16 locations offering a variety of fuels and a wide range of lubrication products in, agricultural, business and home heating. Their delivery area includes Allen, Auglaize, Crawford, Delaware, Franklin, Hancock, Hardin, Knox, Logan, Marion, Morrow, Paulding, Putnam, Richland, Seneca, Union, Van Wert and Wyandot counties. COFC has agreed to test HPCD No.2 on seven delivery vehicles and has signed a Letter of Intent to purchase a licensing agreement with EAF if test results prove to be as mutually agreed and if EAF acquires an agreement from the City of Dublin. COFC will be the first distribution co-op to market and sale HPCD No. 2 to their immediate customer base. The licensing agreement contemplated is priced to cover the cost of the CRU unit and technological integration at the Marion Oil location. (testing nearly complete (1/28/11)) Testing The City of Dublin has agreed to partner with EAF by allowing for the independent testing of No. 2 HPCD in its current fleet of diesel trucks to prove not only the performance characteristics of the fuel but the benefits to the engine and fuel system mechanicals. It should be noted that the City of Dublin was named a Top Seven Intelligent community in 2010 by the prestigious Intelligent Community Forum. Partnering with Dublin opens high-level channels to strategic government, corporate and media organizations.