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Business Angels

Business Angels can be found and contacted directly using The Network. If you are looking for business angels and think you are ready to find funding for your startup company or small business, then The Network can certainly help. We connect business angels with startup companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for seed money, startup funding and venture capital investment.

Find Business Angels

If you want to locate and contact early stage angels on, the first step is simply to create an account on the system. Creating an account on The Network is fast and free. Not only will you begin to be able to use the system but you will also allow other early stage angels to see your profile on the system.

Angels will be able to get a sense for what type of investment opportunity you have in mind. For example, you may sign up and state that you are a startup company that is searching for seed capital in the telecommunications industry. Your profile will appear publicly and be searchable so that business angel investors can view new opportunities (like yours!) that have been posted to the site.

How to contact Angel Investors

Once you have found a business angel that you are interested in contacting, your next step would be to compose an inquiry to that particular contact. We recommend that before you send any inquiries to any investor that you do your homework and thoroughly check out what that investor has funded in the past. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to pitch an investor on your "motocross opportunity" when they only invest in semiconductors!

Expect the investors you contact to be very busy people. As such, you are best served to contact them with a short message stating exactly what your opportunity looks like and why they should contact you. Your goal isn't to get them to invest right then and there, just to respond and let you know whether or not they are interested in talking further.

Following up with Angel Investors

Be patient with your response from your initial inquiry. Keep in mind that investors have lives too, and just because they have not responded in 24 hours doesn't mean they have no interest. Give them at least a few days if not a week.

On the other hand, if the potential investor does not respond at all, don't pester them. Investors get overwhelmed with requests from startups and entrepreneurs looking for funding. They cannot possibly respond to all of the candidates who send them emails. Another way to look at it is this - investors don't "forget" to call on companies that they are excited to invest in.

Your best bet is to just be patient with your investors and respond quickly when they do follow up with you.


Raising capital of any sort, at any stage in a business takes a great deal of perseverance on behalf of the entrepreneur or business leader. What makes successful startups ultimately locate capital and grow is their tolerance for the word "no" and their long term strategy to see the company though.