Music Production Funding

Name:  Robert G.
Location: Connecticut
Industry: Music Production Company
Goal: To obtain $1.5MM in funding for a music production company.
Goal Reached: 100% of $1.5 Million


Robert was searching for $1,500,000 in funding for a Classic Rock Music Label that he was working to get off the ground. Robert decided to contact for direction on what to do next. Robert seemed to have everything together – he had all of his comprehensive financials, business plan, and presentation materials ready. 


  • Launch music production company
  • Identify Angel Investors interested in the music industry
  • Raise $1.5 million in equity funding


Due to the fact that Robert was well prepared, we felt comfortable enrolling him in our Investor Matching Service which pairs Robert with an Investor Analyst that will identify the most qualified investors for his needs.  

For industries that are very specific or niche, like the music industry, the number of investors tends to be smaller, but their focus tends to be a big benefit for entrepreneurs because they understand their particular business very well.  This winds up being a great win for entrepreneurs because they spend less time explaining what the business does, and more time explaining why it will be successful.

In addition to identifying the right investor candidates, the Business Analyst team helps structure the pitch itself, from the initial email that’s sent to investors to the finer points like a business plan and pitch deck.  


The fact that Robert was well prepared helped him dramatically once he was connected to the right investors.  He was able to secure over $1,500,000 in equity financing from angel investors who really liked his pitch.

Funding Lessons

One of the most difficult obstacles with fundraising is getting in front of the right investors. Once you have the opportunity to present, you want to make sure that you make a good first impression and give a targeted presentation based on your research. 

In some cases where there are a limited number of well qualified prospective investors, you need to be extra careful in how you present your company and make sure you don’t lose their attention at any step. has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the pitch process, which allows us to help companies avoid the pitfalls of making a poor introduction, sending out the wrong materials, or making the wrong pitch to the wrong investor.

What Robert has to Say

“People don’t understand the screening that takes place if you are just cold calling…. This is great because you can call them directly once they respond”


Robert Green is a Music Entrepreneur in Connecticut who needed to raise $1.5MM in funding for a Classic Rock Music Label that he was launching. After contacting, we evaluated where Robert was at and determined that he was ready to begin contacting investors. We enrolled Robert in our Investor Matching Service and through these connections Larry obtained $1.5MM in funding for his company. 
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