mason yamashiro

oceanside, CA (USA)

Cross Marketing Strategies

Location: oceanside
Industry: Automotive
Year Founded: 2008
Number Employees: INVALID
Description: The company has retained the USA marketing rights to market an existing fuel catalyst direct to the consumer. We will have options to manage the retail market as well. The product benefit is positioned as an environmental catalyst ( reducing up to 66% of the emission in cars, trucks, boats); up to 22% increase in gas mileage and works with biodiesel and most fuels out there; increases octane levels by up to 9 points and Ctane levels by 6 points; horsepower is increased by up to 13%. Our product is currently being used by the US Military, Goddard Space and a few of the largest landfill and oil drilling platforms in the world. There has been approximately 3 billion gallons of our product distributed thus far. I am looking for an Angel Investor to help finance the consumer bundle for thi