sasheen enterprises, inc.

Location: CLERMONT
Industry: Non Profit
Year Founded: 2008
Number Employees: INVALID
Description: I would like to open a branch of small offices or purchase a small home to work out of. I have created an organization (URL removed)LDREN FIRST FOUNDATION. My aim is to become a distributor of money, donations, funds, royalties etc provided to my business by the general public or any entity, rich person, corporation- whatever and distribute the money to reputable, professional organizations like feed the children and world hunger. I will need various computers to work out of and from the internet, office tables, fax machine, copy machine, 800 number, large files etc etc etc to be able to run this business. I will also need to find out what permits, license, etc etc etc I will need to acquire to start the business and of course I will need funding: Can you help me? This idea was ordaned and