Jemal Baker

Lawrenceville, GA (USA)

Hara Consulting LLC

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Location: lawrenceville
Description: Hara Consulting is an IT company established in 2004 in Atlanta GA. The owner of Hara consulting have over 20 years of experience as IT consultant. Currently we are moving all our resources and attentions to online shopping practice. Because we understand going forward most business transactions are/will be conducted online. There are many gaps and issues to be taken advantage of in the online business. Therefore it is our firm believe that placing ourselves in the right place at the right time will benefit both our investors and us . Our current innovation application is one of our first product that can take advantage of the unlimited online revenue . Come and join us!!!
Services Provided:
  • IT System Development
  • Website Development
  • Outsourcing

Hara Consulting llc

Location: Lawrenceville
Industry: Technology/Web
Year Founded: 2004
Number Employees: 1-10 people
Business Stage: Creation/Idea
Entity Type: Limited Liability Company
Description: Due to the increaing numbers of scams, frauds, Identity thefts, and security breaches, online shoppers are always wondering if there is anyway they can shop online with out any worry of the safety of thier financial info and thier personal information being hijacked and misused. Moreever dealing with untrusted companies and scammers are the daily nightmare for many online shoppers. To satisfy these increasing demands, we have developed a system that helps protect users from scammers, fake companies so that hey do thier online shopping with out any hesitation. Because they are safe secure and protected. By providing this FREE secure , safe and protected services , we bring millions of online shoppers to our system the only solution for their demands We generate our revenue from the sales (commision) made from our website. Vendors register for free with us and we provide free promotions for them, but they will pay us on every sale they make through our system. Today Vendoirs spend 10,000's to millions to advertise on major search engines and most of thier profit goes to advertising. By registering them for free and asking them to pay us only when they make sale, vendors will flood to our sites. The above is the core service our system provides and we are willing to discuss ndetails when interested investor is located. We are looking for 500,000 dollars at this stage for advertising and marketing our system . Any investor familiar with on line marketing knows what the potential revenue from this business is. Just imagine if only 10% of google marketing share comes to our system. It is very easy to accomplish that with correct application . We have the application , we need motivated investor either as partner or venture capital participant. Do not understimate the power of online revenue , it is easy if you know how too!!!