Kimberly Steed

Williamston, SC (USA)
VP/SVP/Dept Head

Green Wizard Tire Recycling

Location: Tampa
Industry: Other
Year Founded: 2012
Number Employees: 1-10 people
Business Stage: Creation/Idea
Entity Type: Limited Liability Company
Description: Green Wizard Tire Recyclers has the ability to recycle virtually all components of an end of life tire to allow for their reuse in new products, keeping them out of the solid waste stream. This is of course important, but what makes it even more important is that it can be done in a way which generates a very strong revenue stream. The benefit of transitioning to a higher level of recycling regarding this product is that it allows for the reuse of the majority of the components. By reducing the rubber components to a crumb rubber state it opens many more options. This material can be used to manufacture new rubber products of every size shape and description. This process converts the components to reusable commodities while allowing end users a lower cost alternative to new materials. There are also residual benefits in that it keeps this material out of the landfills. In Europe for example 96% of tires are recycled with 80% of all tires being processed into crumb rubber and used in the manufacturing of new products. Crumb rubber production is also the preferred recycling option by regulatory agencies as it is a true 360 degree alternative and produces no residual by products. It’s the cleanest option/solution available.