Garet Johnson

torrington, WY (USA)

Lane Records llc.

Location: Torrington
Industry: Entertainment
Year Founded: 2011
Number Employees: 1-10 people
Business Stage: Creation/Idea
Entity Type: Limited Liability Company
Description: Garet Johnson is a 23 year old, rising star in the Country Music Industry. Garet’s appearance on American Idol brought him to the attention of millions of people. Although his stay on the show was brief hundreds of thousands of these young people became fans of Garet, so much so that he literally had to change his phone number.  Garet’s fans called incessantly night and day. After American Idol, The Nashville Songwriters Association was very impressed with Garet’s potential and introduced him to songwriter/record producer, Danny Wells.  Danny has written many successful songs, including the number one award winning hit “Check Yes or No” for George Strait, and the multi million seller “These Days” a #1 hit for Rascal Flatts, plus many more. See (URL removed) <(URL removed)> for a history of Danny’s career.   The record industry has changed drastically in recent years and many unknown artists are doing well selling product over the internet. Unlike these performers, Garet Johnson already has a tremendous fan base to draw from.  Selling music over the internet can be lucrative and that’s an understatement.   At this time we are interested in finding investors for Garet. Once we have the funding, Danny Wells will produce a 10 song album while co-writing the songs with Garret. If we only sold 30,000 albums at $10.00 per sale, you can see how exciting this could be. With additional promotion 100,000 in album sales or more are within reach. If you look at past American Idols record sales that have gotten to the same level of exposure as Garet they all sold over 100,000 albums +.   We are very excited about this opportunity, and look forward to partnering with an entrepreneur who shares our vision