Bertrand Gray

Cleveland, OH (USA)

DNA, Inc.

Location: Cleveland
Industry: Automotive
Year Founded: 2007
Number Employees: 1-10 people
Description: Direct Notify Alert will provide the first low-cost emergency accident notification and roadside assistance system that can be installed in a vehicle by the consumer in a few seconds. The product and service, named Go! , will provide emergency notification services similar to OnStar® at a fraction of the price. This “poor-man’s OnStar®” will succeed in filling the safety service gap in the aftermarket on vehicles that were not hardwired with OnStar-like crash systems from the factory. Go! will also be available for motorcycles, a market that has been completely untapped. Pricing for the device and first year of service is expected to be $100. Annual service subscriptions will be $60. The company is currently in the seed stage with a working prototype and is patent pending.