Anthony A Graham Sr

Jamaica, NY (USA)

Graham Financial Associates

Location: Jamaica
Industry: Consulting
Year Founded: 1983
Number Employees: 500-1000 people
Business Stage: Mature
Entity Type: "C" Corporation
Description: Financing, Credit Services and Consulting Est. 01/11/1991: Graham Financial Associates® (GFA)™ is a wholly-owed subsidiary of Anthony A. Graham Enterprises, Inc. a privately-held family-owned corporation under the laws of the State of New York and it's affiliate companies, which is a global diversified, financial and communications conglomerate, provide our clients loan packaging preparation, expense reduction analysis, foreclosure advice, assistance in structuring business opportunities for individuals and businesses; Also, provides a wide range of Integrated Voice, Data, Cloud and Internet Solutions to residential and commercial customers. Networked to bring together the best and brightest in the business community to discuss and develop solutions to common business problems featuring conferences, seminars and workshop forums. Graham Financial Associates® (GFA)™ is a full service financial brokerage and consulting that, through its subsidiaries and an affiliated companies, provides banking and non-banking financial services. __________ Investment and Merchant Banking, Securities and Investment Management. Provide a wide range of services to a diversified client base that includes to high net worth individuals, institutions and corporations. Wanted Merchant Banking Associate: Coordinator proposal & execution of a wide variety of transactions & financial projects include domestic & international public offerings & private acquisition tender offers, mergers & acquisition and financial consulting. __________ Graham Financial Associates® (GFA)™ has partnered with Graham Investment Services and other affiliates to offer everyone a simple, flexible, and affordable way to build wealth through long-term investing. Using Graham Investment Services and other affiliates, you can make regular automatic investments in stocks, ETFs and closed-end bond funds. There are no account minimums and no inactivity fees! Graham Investment Services is an online brokerage designed to make investing easy and affordable for everyone. Graham Investment Services is a great way for investors to get started in the stock market, or as a complement to an existing broker relationship. Graham Investment Services can assist you with Investment ideas. Using fundamental & technical analysis to select stocks with most potential to appreciate in value. Buy, selling, trading stocks, options, bonds, noload & load mutual funds, indices, real estate investment trusts, private and public limited partnership, treasuries, variable annuities and variable life. You'll find vital statistics, in-depth analysis, investigative reporting, company profiles and everything else you need to keep tabs on the investment world. Graham Investment Services help people determine how to use their money and assets to their best advantage. Many people get poor investment advice from insurance salespeople and stockbrokers whos' real aim is to sell their own products. Thus consumers are now turning to investment consultants who put their customers' needs first. The consultant helps people identify their goals and needs, then determines the best investment mix to accomplish the goals and meet the needs. GFA Securities Lending Dept.: The Securities-Based Funding (stock loan) programs allow the borrower to pledge their stocks to obtain funds for personal or business use. This is a simple, proven and secure process to obtain funding for any purpose. Graham Financial Associates® (GFA)™ aquires businesses for its own account; Management consulting and financial restructuring. We resell all the companies we acquire after improving their performance or merging them with others. __________ Attention Mortgage Holders We Buy Mortgage Notes: If you have sold your property & taken back the mortgage, we can help arrange the sales of all or part of income streams from privately-held mortgages, trust deeds, wraps and land sales contracts. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and For FREE Quote! Contact me - NOW to find out how you can convert your monthly payments to a large lump sum of CASH! Investors Wanted: Need investors to purchase owner-financed notes for down payment and receive 50% ownership of investment property and no management hassles. Engaged on borrowing funds to be reloaned on qualified projects.

Anthony A Graham Enterprises Inc/Graham Associates

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Location: New York City
Description: Who We Are Business Consultant/Advisors specializing mainly in counseling individuals and businesses on eliminating their debt; Demonstrated various methods of dealing with creditors. We offer tax counseling, financing counseling business counseling and management counseling to small, mid-size and large companies. We work with top executives and owners of companies in working on their companies instead of working in their company. Targeted * They are in a survival mode, chapter 7, 11, 13 or experiencing a down-turn in profits. * They are in merger or acquisition mode looking for capital to acquire new or unrelated industries. * They are in an expansion mode and their present lenders have capped their credit lines. Graham Financial Associates® (GFA)™ are specialists in serving the financing needs of entrepreneurs, new businesses and existing businesses throughout the United States and internationally. We are in contact with numerous lenders willing to fund any projects that most conventional lenders will not handle. Graham Financial Associates® (GFA)™ will utilizes its extensive network of resources to help achieve our clients' objectives. Our database consists of money managers, pension funds, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, hedge funds, venture capital firms, off-shore funds and numerous accredited individual investors who know us and value our recommendations. We also, act as a business broker for people and companies that want to purchase or sell businesses. Ask about the special offer for the following license professionals: * Painters * Brick Masons * Plumbers * Electricians * Carpenters * Subcontractors * Roofers * Laborers Interests: Acquisition Financing, Business Management, Business Valuation, Buying Businesses, Deal Sourcing, Deal Structuring, Distressed Businesses, Due Diligence, Family Businesses, Mezzanine Financing, Negotiating Techniques, Public Shells, Selling Businesses, Succession Strategies and Tax Planning. Target areas: Trucking, Auto Repair and Services, Retail, Printing and Publishing, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Mechanical Contracting, Professional and Business Services, Banking, Securities and Real Estate Brokerage, Commercial and Residential Properties, Janitorial and Related Services. Regions (States): Mid-Atlantic, Mid-South, Mid-West, Mountain, New England, Pacific, Plains, Southeast, Southwest and U.S. Territories.
Services Provided:
  • Business Planning
  • Phone Systems
  • Capital Broker
  • Project Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Real Estate
  • Incorporation Services
  • Funding -> Commercial Mortgage
  • VOIP
  • Funding -> Equipment Leasing
  • Funding -> Business Acquisition / Franchise Funding
  • Funding -> Operation Capital
  • Funding -> Debt Consolidation