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Venture Capital Directory

Looking for a venture capital directory? The Network is a great source to find VC firms and investors for your startup business. In a sense, the system itself acts as a large venture capital directory. connects entrepreneurs, investors, and others in the startup community who all have a use for a venture capital directory. provides a great platform to connect small businesses, startup companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for seed money or startup capital with investors who are looking to fund the next "Google".

Locate Firms in the Venture Capital Directory

In order to make use of The Network and its ever expanding venture capital directory, simply set up an account on Creating a new account on The Network is free and only takes a minute. After you fill out your account, you will begin to be able to use the system and you can also allow the firms in the venture capital directory to see your profile on the system and contact you if they are interested in your business opportunity.

When you complete your profile, the firms in the venture capital directory can get a better idea of the investment opportunity that you have for them. For example, when you sign up on, you can specify that you have a startup business that needs first-round venture funding in the technology industry. Your profile is visible and searchable to the other members on the network who can view new opportunities (like the one that you're providing) on the site.

Contacting Firms in the Venture Capital Directory

When you have found an investor or firm that you would like to get in touch with, you need to create and send a message to the person listed on as a contact. A word of caution: we highly recommend that you do some investigating and completely understand the types of deals that a particular investor has previously funded. Investors hate when you pitch ideas that aren't even relevant to their area of expertise. For example, don't ask an Internet guru to fund a "gas station/convenience store". You'll quickly make a bad name for yourself.

Also, understand that the individuals behind these investment firms are extremely busy. Make your message concise. Tell them exactly what your opportunity is and why they should contact you for more information about it. Don't try to immediately pitch them on how much money you're going to need to take over the world. Remember, they get bombarded by eager entrepreneurs every single day. You just want them to respond and let you know whether they are interested in talking further.

Join the Venture Capital Directory

To list yourself or your firm as a member of the venture capital community, simply join and set up a profile. Follow the exact same process as the one described above. You will be able to search for solid business ideas and can elect to receive business plans and pitches from entrepreneurs with a great track record. Of course, if you want to reduce the amount and type of deal flow that comes across your desk, you can set your preferences to filter out messages from people that are outside of your personal network. You can also turn off messaging all together so that others cannot contact you.