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Entrepreneur Source

Finding a solid entrepreneur source might have been a challenge up until now. You would think the internet would be full of web pages claiming to be an entrepreneur source, but how many of them actually exist? And where can you find them?

After doing some precursory thinking you will quickly notice that an entrepreneur source, to truly be a resource, must provide anything related to entrepreneurs and their success. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to secure funding, implement a quality business plan, get excellent people, and use the products that best fit their plan.

So an entrepreneur source must have access to venture capitalists, angel investors, business advisors, people that would like to work for start up companies, and recommendations for products that have helped other entrepreneurs.

It is very difficult to find a one-stop source for entrepreneurs like this on the internet. However, this is exactly the purpose of The Network. is a community for entrepreneurs that simply connects everyone that is or wants to be involved in the startups or small businesses. You will find venture capitalists, angel investors, business mentors, and those hoping to work at internet startup businesses on The Network. In addition, it is simple to send out a request to your network asking for recommendations, whether it be for programmers or software or the best teleconferencing company.

How does work?

To take advantage of this entrepreneur source, a person can become a member by simply providing some information about themselves and their company. You may include information about how much funding is still needed, if employees are stills needed, and other pertinent information for others on the network to see. Likewise, if you are looking for a specific type of person such as an angel investor, you can search the network for them. While does not guarantee funding, they provide the medium through which an entrepreneur and an angel investor can find each other. It is up to the entrepreneur to develop a well thought out, workable plan that is convincing to investors.

However, if help is needed in planning, The Network again proves itself as the best source by making business advisers easy to find. Wil Schroter, founder of, is one of these incredible resources.

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to use time more effectively. A one stop entrepreneur source such as can do just that. A member can post a request to everyone in the network for a minimal fee, or contact people within the network he has already formed. With so many quality resources in one place, time is saved and contacts worth millions can be established. also contains information from prominent blogs. These blogs all have content geared toward entrepreneur and the startup community, so everyone can continue learning from others as they go. The goal here is to expose the entire community to a broad array of thoughts, opinions and strategies for everyone to benefit from, as well as contribute to.