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Angel Business Entertainment Film Investor

Are you looking for an angel investor for an entertainment film business?

Many times entrepreneurs find that angel investors are the best source of funding for their early stage businesses.  Business angel investors look for high-growth companies and expect high returns to offset their high risk. 

The film entertainment business is especially high risk, and to minimize this risk you must come up with an excellent plan of action.  When you have decided on a project, you must decide on how you will distribute your product.  You will need to show potential angel investors that the distribution channels you have chosen have taken on films similar to yours in the entertainment industry and had success.

Typical sources of financing in the entertainment (film) industry

  1. Studio development production deals

In these deals the studio usually ends up with most of the rights associated with your film.  The best way to proceed with this type of deal is with the help of an experienced entertainment film attorney.

  1. Pre-sales

A deal is called “pre-sale” when the rights to distribute the film are sold before production begins.  The sale is made based on the script and casting.

  1. Negative Pick-Up Deals

This is a deal in which the studio agrees to purchase the movie from the producer at a particular time at a given date for a fixed sum.  The producer picks up the cost until the purchase, including any additional costs if the film is over budget.  A bank loan can then be secured since the studio has agreed to buy the movie rights.

  1. Banks specializing in film finance

Some banks and even insurance companies (Metlife, Mariner, AIG) have financed films.  Many times the ability to borrow funds depends on the size of the studio.

  1. Superangels

When you are searching for an angel investor that deals in the entertainment film industry, you will probably need a “superangel.”  These angels have the ability to invest larger sums of money than typical angels.  That is, they may be able to provide anywhere from $500,000 to several million dollars in a deal.

Tips For Approaching an Angel Investor in the Film Entertainment Business: 

Before an angel investor will consider your business, you would be wise to get experience working in the film industry.  It is difficult to run a film company without ever having been involved with one.  In addition, there are a limited number of angel investors that actively seek an entertainment film business to invest in, so finding them can prove difficult.

Procuring an angel investor with experience in the film entertainment industry may be even better than the more traditional routes because of the insight and contacts they have developed.  You may need to give up more, but in the end it will probably make the most sense because of the nature of the entertainment film business. 

You should realize that getting angel investing is a long process that requires you to spend some money in the process.  You should also be personally invested film business to show investors you have “skin in the game.” 

How can The Network help?

 One option for finding these angels is to visit  The Network connects investors, entrepreneurs, job seekers, advisors, and any others in the startup community.  You can search for Go BIG members that invest in the entertainment industry, along with location, funding amount, and other preferences.  When you purchase a subscription, you can access the contact information for the angel investors that interest you. 

If you prefer to make life easier, you can post a “Request” which allows interested angel investors to contact you.  A “Request” is a brief advertisement for your company that gets sent to investors that want to be aware of opportunities like yours.


Finding funding in the film industry is tough.  Remember to be persistent and try to use all available options to get sufficient capital.  It's up to you to go out and get everything you need to produce a film.  So stop reading and start finding investors!