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We target early life-cycle, high growth businesses that require an active Angel Investor..

James Page
BlackCrest Capital LLC
Angel Investor(Houston)

Invests up to $500,000

Invest in E-Commerce, Business Services, and Media Companies

Michael Eckert
Atlanta Technology Angels
Angel Investor (Atlanta)

Invests up to $1,500,000

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We secured funding to grow our Media Company.

David Allen
Online Video Gaming
Phoenix, AZ

Secured Funding to help expand our healthcare staffing business. We were able to secure the additional funding we needed to expand our business. Thank you for your time and for helping make the perfect connection. For that, I will be forever grateful!

Justin Fontenot

Symmetric Healthcare Staffing
Abbeville, LA

Best source for deal flow...

Larry Hake
Masters Funding GP

Got $125k Investment...As ProPractica sought its first growth financing, Invstor.com served as a means to find investors in the $50,000 to $150,000 range. ProPractica met a professional investor who focuses on Internet-delivered software and was just beginning to research the healthcare vertical. This investor committed $125,000.

Ben Lieblich

Akron, OH

As the Founder of Venture Week, I’ve found Invstor.com to be a fantastic resource for the startup community. .

Eric Olson
Venture Week

Within three days of joining the The Invstor.com Network I secured an advisor for my company's Advisory Board. I still have over one dozen high potential leads that I am pursuing for advisors, employees, and investors. Every day I meet someone new.

Kenneth Brown
Swimsuit University

After only 1 month of posting I received over 25 contacts from investors and capital investment groups... and was able to secure the funding we needed. In addition, I found an executive producer and partner that I was looking for, to take my independent television shows and production company international. Thank you for putting together such great services for companies looking for funding. I would recommend Invstor.com to any small or large business looking to expand and find the additional funds to do so.

Danielle Spandau
Multi-Media Marketing and Promotion
Boca Raton, FL

Invstor.com helped me locate key executive talent for one of our portfolio companies very quickly. It's a great place to find deals that other venture firms can't get access to.

Andy Dickson
5 Point Ventures
Upper Arlington, OH

Incredible Resource.

Matthew Guliner
Young Venture Capital Society

We have used Invstor.com to provide funding to entertainment companies and create successfull partnerships.

Harry Lowell
NiteLite Pictures

Exciting new startup investments.

Jason Caplain
Southern Capitol Ventures

We were successful in providing a start up staffing company over $1 Million in initial funding. They utilized our fully funded accounts receivables financing program with back office support to cover their employee payroll expenses.

Rhonda Mayronne
WL Funding, Inc.