I have a great idea - can you get me funded?

That depends on you.

We can work with you figure out what type of capital may be available to you, who can provide it, and how to put your best foot forward to find it.  But no one can guarantee you'll get funded except for the person who writes you the check.
We'd like to think working with us will make this process a lot easier since we've been through it a ridiculous amount of times and can probably help you avoid wasting time and energy in the wrong places.  
But ultimately it's going to come down to whether or not a lender, credit provider, investor or someone else with money thinks you are a good bet.
I need funding this month / next week / tomorrow / in five minutes - can you make this happen?
Probably not.
Funding isn't a quick process, and in the business funding realm, there are very few quick fix solutions.  This isn't like a payday loan that you can get at a strip mall or a credit card you get an instant approval for.
There are some funding options that can be accessed relatively quickly, but they often require you to have a business that can leverage some of its assets to do so.  
For those looking to raise equity capital from angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity investors and such, it's typically a longer process that can easily stretch out from 4 to 6 months if things go well.
What you will hear from us most consistently is that this process is time consuming and challenging.  That's why we're here to make it easier.
What types of funding can you help me find?
We try to look as broadly as possible.  We can help identify credit, debt, and equity sources which would include business credit lines, SBA loans, commercial mortgages, angel investors, venture capital firms, and private equity among many others.
What we do well is look across all forms of capital so that we give you the best perspective of what your options may be.  Then we can help dig in and identify how to put your best foot forward as you approach the right funding source.
Does provide funding directly?
No.  We provide the tools you need to help find the funding.  
Can introduce me to investors?
Yes, we can, but it's not our main focus.  Our focus is on identifying the right capital sources for your business so that you can spend more time talking to the right people.  
Direct introductions are always the best way to meet investors but with almost 10,000 active funding requests going through our Network on any given day, it's not realistic to do this manually.
Do you charge for your service?
For some of our services we do.  We offer online paid membership to our site starting at $59 per month which allows you to access our Network of members directly.  
We also have a Business Analyst group that works one-on-one with entrepreneurs to help prepare them for funding.  These services are typically flat fees starting at around $300.
Can I just call you?
Yes, please do!  We have  team of Business Analysts that focus specifically on walking entrepreneurs through the startup process.  We do this all day for a living, so feel free to leverage our experience here.
Call us at 888-601-8601.
Why isn't this free?  I like free.
We like free too, really.  We try to balance the cost of offering our help with realistic budgets that we think startups can afford.  We're also working on new products and services that we can roll out to our members that will in fact be free.  But until Google buys us, we gotta charge something to keep the lights on.


I'm an investor, how do I use
You can sign up online and we will review your application immediately.  To ensure quality and for the safety of our Members we do require at least one phone interview with any new investors before we approve them to be active on our Network.
Is membership free for investors?
Yes.  You guys are the ones writing checks so we certainly don't want to inhibit your use of the Network or access to startups looking for funding.
Can I contact startups directly?
Yes you can, through our system.  To avoid any potential problems with abuse of the system, we require all initial contact to be routed through our site.  Thereafter you're free to take the conversation off as you feel necessary.
What types of capital are startups looking for?
We assist startups in finding a very broad range of capital from business credit all the way up to private equity and large commercial finance deals.  We also cater to just about every industry type from tech companies to real estate to entertainment to fashion.  We aim to help all startups at all ends of the capital spectrum.  
If you provide a specific type of capital, please let us know in the interview process so that we can help identify more targeted deals for you.