Rental Property Funding

Name: William Stringer
Location: Gahanna, OH
Industry: Real Estate
Goal: Raise $150,000 for Rental Properties
Goal Reached: 100%


William Stringer is a real estate entrepreneur.  William focuses on acquiring rental properties and making money from their appreciation and the cash flow. Due to the high capital requirements, William was looking for creative ways that he could acquire and renovate more rental homes and decided to contact to evaluate his options.


  • Raise $150,000 for rental properties.
  • Limit risk by not personally signing for the funding.


After learning more about William’s business, we recommended that William begin to build business credit to help reduce his risk and keep his business credit completely separate from his personal credit. 
Since participating in the program, William has been able to use his new funding to acquire, renovate, and rent out more properties. With his continued success, additional forms of funding are beginning to become available to him. 

Funding Lessons

The benefits of having business credit that is separate from your personal credit is that if the business fails, you will not be personally liable for the sums owed. It also helps establish a credit score for your business which can help you obtain increasing sums of capital as your business and history grows. 

What William has to Say

“I chose because I wanted to get business credit without using my personal credit”


William Stringer is a real estate entrepreneur in Gahanna, OH who was looking for funding to help acquire rental properties. After enrolling in’s business credit building program, William was able to obtain substantial business credit that is completely separate from his personal credit.  William has now been able to acquire, renovate, and rent out properties much faster than he was able to in the past.
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