Real Estate Funding 20,000Home Remodeling Business

Name: Aaron Ward
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Industry: Real Estate
Goal: Financing for home flipping business
Goal Reached: 100% of $20,000


Aaron Ward is a real estate entrepreneur who flips homes for a profit. When Aaron was just starting to expand, he needed help financing the purchase of materials to renovate these homes. Wanting to grow, Aaron contacted The Network to learn more about his funding options.


  • Obtain up to $20,000 in financing quickly
  • Avoid personal exposure to financing risks
  • Use the working capital to expand his business


Upon reviewing Aaron’s short and long term goals, our Business Analysts evaluated the situation and decided that the best way for Aaron to protect his downside risk was to obtain business credit completely separate from his personal credit. The Business Analysts put together a funding plan to help Aaron build business credit. considered other options, including Angel Investors and Traditional Loans, but neither would fit Aaron’s need for a small amount of capital with no personal risk.
After following the directions from the Business Analyst team, Aaron was able to quickly obtain over $20,000 in business credit to expand his business. This credit is completely separate from his personal credit and was obtained using our business credit building program.

Now, Aaron has been able to use his $20,000 in credit to help him flip houses faster by allowing him to finance materials in between when he buys and sells his properties. As Aaron’s business grows, more capital options will become available which will allow him to grow his business credit lines even faster.

Funding Lessons

Business Credit building can be a great way to obtain funding for your business and protect your personal assets in the event that your business fails. Business Credit Building can also help open up other forms of funding such as traditional bank loans as your business and history grows.

What Aaron has to Say

“The team coached me through the entire process. The business credit building system is a systematic process that works. This capital will help me greatly in growing my business”.


Aaron is a Real Estate Entrepreneur from Colorado Springs, CO who needed capital to help fund his real estate business. After contacting and enrolling in the business credit building program, Aaron obtained $20,000 in business credit that is completely separate from his person credit.