Laura Hale

Sleepy Hollow, IL (USA)

Fan History

Location: Sleepy Hollow
Industry: Entertainment
Year Founded: 2006
Number Employees: INVALID
Business Stage: Growth (not profitable)
Entity Type: "S" Corporation
Description: Fan History collaborative fandom project. It is at its heart a wiki that allows fangirls and fanboys to actively participate by providing them a tool to document the history of various fandoms, create a directory of members of fandom and an indice of fan communities. It gives members of fandom a chance to share current fandom news that may impact people’s experiences in fandom. The information that Fan History and its users have gathered allows the site to serve as a consulting service and knowledge database for entertainment professionals and to academics, providing context to various fannish events, explaining what datasets mean and what all the information on Fan History means to fandom and to a company’s goals as they pertain to fandom.